BodyPositivity Washing : Le droit d(e s)’assumer OU PAS

BodyPositivity Washing: The right to assume OR NOT

Reading Elle a few weeks ago. An opening to the world in these mixed times.
I discovered the Gucci x The North Face collab…

I am doubtful, as I am a fan of... The North Face for my discovery trips in trekking and skiing mode (this was BEFORE of course, when we could freely jump on a plane or hit the slopes).

So to come back to Gucci x TNF, it gives a pinafore dress in a down jacket… doubtful, I tell you…

This takes me back 25/30 years: I remember literally drooling over a black quilted skirt and jacket from Yohji Yamamoto, down jacket pieces, but perfectly cut like a fabric skirt and jacket. I had hesitated for a long time to break the bank to treat myself to them, only to end up giving up on my dreams. Too avant-garde for the teenager that I was, and then - I thought - not adapted to my body shape, because I already saw myself as fat, although I was not at all, not yet. I wouldn't have taken on any of that.
I still think fervently about these two fashion pieces.

The announcement of this collaboration reminded me of two things:

  • fashion is an eternal renewal
  • we must stop thinking, and we must assume responsibility. Of course, I'm not the one who would advocate pink leather shorts when you're fat, but if that's what a woman wants, then yes! let her wear it. I took pink leather shorts as an example, following a real-life situation.

I can feel the comments coming up from here. " How ? Do you think that because we're fat we're not allowed to wear pink leather shorts? » The subject in reality is not that. It's just that it's not my thing, even though when I was younger (and thin), I wore ultra short shorts with an ultra high waist, in black and white leather (at the time it stood out and provoked ). I like shocking pink but in touch. A question of taste then. And I also admit that I'm not comfortable in shorts. Other than this black and white leather spread, I've never worn one. Even in the middle of summer, I prefer long flowing pants that protect against sunburn or a skirt. Nothing to do with weight. Just being comfortable with yourself. I am now comfortable with certain clothes that I would not have dared to wear when I was younger and/or thinner. Very early on I knew what I liked AND what suited me. But I haven't always dared. Because I liked the ultra feminine style, even a little retro. My grandmother's dresses, the style we see on Dita Von Teese, ultra fitted and feminine. Or maybe my mother’s Emma Peel dresses. It's hard to go with that in college in the 90's.

Why am I talking about this? because yes, I am convinced of it: you have to accept and take responsibility but not force yourself.

We are in a period of all-out political correctness. And in the name of this, we fall into the opposite excess.
You all know about brainwashing. There was greenwashing, ecology used for misleading purposes. There is now bodypositivitywashing !
Beware of too much restraint, we could be suspected of not respecting difference, of not celebrating it, of discriminating against it.

I don't like all-out political correctness and body positivity washing is not my thing either. But it is clear that in addition to putting up a lot of barriers, society imposes even more on us... and they are at both extremes!

I paid the price by presenting sketches of the first Atelier 312 models to “plus-size influencers” (the established English terminology).
"Oh! Ah! Boo!" I heard! Not colorful enough, too loose, not flashy enough. They criticized me for wanting to hide curvy women and for doing the same thing as existing brands. I really like the vibrant style of these influencers, not because it's flashy but because it suits them!

The objective of Atelier 312 is to offer refined “less is more” pieces of impeccable quality and comfort, like a second skin that can be forgotten, to even better express one's personality. And we say it loud and clear in our manifesto . And according to customer feedback, we succeeded. The main thing is to feel good about yourself, feel good about yourself and take responsibility at all times. And if some days we are lacking on this subject (we have the full right – even the duty – to be imperfect), then the clothes are there to wrap us in an armor of gentleness and kindness to allow us to get back in the saddle!

Which leads me to the conclusion that One size does not fit all : what goes for sizes and cuts also goes for style. Yes to diversity...for all sizes.

Top hearts !

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