Atelier 312, une histoire de femme

Our story, that of two friends

We are in a Parisian café. Me, Sabine, marketing manager, and Mathilde, stylist, share our concerns. I confide to Mathilde my concerns about my evening outfit for Saturday. She suggests that I revisit my closet to find a pretty blouse, and pair it with pants or a skirt, pretty heels and a few accessories to achieve a chic and understated look.

Unfortunately, after reviewing all the clothes in my closet, I realize that I don't own any stylish, well-cut blouse in size 46. I feel frustrated not to find what I'm looking for in the boutiques of Paris, the capital. of fashion ! And I'm not alone. I know that this experience reflects the experience of all these women who do not wear a size 36.

The evening went well, but we both know: we won't stop there.

For another event, Mathilde decided to create a tailor-made blouse for me. Every seam, every detail, is designed to make me feel wonderful in it. This perfectly fitted piece gives me new confidence, and I receive many compliments.

This is how the idea for our own collection was born.

Atelier 312.

Your story, that of all women

Those who feel cramped in their clothes.

Those who can't find their size in stores.

Those who don't want to have to choose between their comfort and their femininity.

From the start of the adventure, we had THE perfect blouse in mind. We are extremely demanding regarding its style, its cut, its fit, its finishes and its material. Nothing is left to chance to create elegant, comfortable and timeless pieces. We break the narrow standards of beauty to create plus size fashion collections for women who want to take on the world.

Together, we are creating a story where all women feel good in their clothes, and beautiful in every moment.

Notre mission, nos engagements.

Sublimate yourself with perfect basics

At Atelier 312, we focus all our attention on wardrobe essentials: blouses and dresses specially designed for women from size 42 !

We design feminine, modern and timeless clothing, paying particular attention to the details that make all the difference. We offer a blouse, styles: each piece is designed to adapt to a chic and casual look, to an office outfit or an evening outfit. For everyday life, as well as for major events. No more clothes worn once and left in the closet!

We create pieces with a studied cut, carefully selected fabrics and impeccable finishes. Because we are convinced that a perfect garment gives style, confidence and a special glow to the person who wears it.

With Atelier 312, choose the right clothing, the right size, at the right time.

Revisiting Plus Size Fashion for Women

We revisit “plus size” fashion because we believe that every woman deserves to dress with pleasure , regardless of her size.

Did you know that 42 is the standard size for French women? Nearly half of them wear a size 42 or larger, and yet they have five times less choice in the fashion world than those who wear a 36.

What the fashion industry shyly calls “Plus size” or “Plus size”, which corresponds to 42 and above, we simply call “all women’s sizes”. Because the ideal size is not unique. It is specific to each woman and each body type.

We are committed to offering clothing that fits real women's bodies, without compromising on style and quality. Together, we are building a future where fashion is inclusive, where every woman can express her full personality and feel beautiful, without limits or stereotypes.

Nos valeurs

Timeless, chic and sober style

Play with a refined and feminine look by choosing from our models, colors and accessories. Express yourself with confidence and elegance, whether for a chic or casual outfit.

The twist that makes the difference

Braids, sequins, graphic lace or finishes that emphasize the cut with a touch of femininity: each model we offer has a twist carefully studied by our stylist. It’s the detail that changes everything!

The colors of life

Atelier 312, these are timeless collections with must-haves to have in your wardrobe:

Timeless black, both chic and sexy, Deep blue, the new black, Bright blue which gives pep, White or ecru which illuminates the face.

But they are also colorful collections that add a touch of style and sparkle to your wardrobe. Fuchsia, green, beige,… Colors full of good vibes, to suit each of you, all your desires and the moments of life!

Expertise in perfect cuts

Our plus size blouses and dresses look simple. But they are not! Each cut is created in our Parisian workshop to magnify your silhouette. Beyond style, we have studied the comfort of each cut to give you all the freedom of movement you deserve.

Quality in every detail

Made from materials carefully selected in France and Italy, our creations offer absolute comfort and ease of maintenance. High-end finishes add the finishing touch: our clothes are as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside!

Enhance your curves

Atelier 312, the name of feminine audacity

Atelier 312 pays homage to the vibrant spirit of Paris, with a particular nod to the Eiffel Tower and its original height of 312 meters.

Like this emblematic monument, Atelier 312 embodies audacity, femininity and radiance, thus reflecting the very essence of the fashion capital.

Our clothes reflect this heritage, with a clean design, specially designed structures and elaborate details, without superfluous embellishments. So many parallels between the Eiffel Tower and plus size fashion for women, according to Atelier 312, where each piece is a symbol of power and Parisian elegance