Apologie du Beau. Qu'on soit en Dior ou en Atelier 312. En 38 ou en 48

Apology of Beauty. Whether we are in Dior or Atelier 312. In 38 or 48

The Dior Myth.
When the universes intertwine and all the arts unite. Haute-couture, images, cinema, music. An ode to Art and elegance. An ode to French know-how and the Workshop. Dreaminess and Beauty. Fluidity and smiles. What freshness in the world of fashion is this virtual presentation of the Fall-Winter 20/21 collection .

I don't know if my favorite is linked to my Greek origin and my love of mythology, or to the totally disruptive way of presenting creations and the Dior Atelier, and therefore to my love of Innovation , but the fact is that it is totally different from anything that has been seen so far.. and it is beautiful.. quite simply...
And beauty? It delights me wherever I find it!

And now ? What does this have to do with Atelier 312, you ask me? Atelier 312 is not Haute Couture. Dior does not make Large Sizes. Dior is the eternal renewal of fashion. Atelier 312 plays timeless. Dior is a pillar of French heritage, Atelier 312 a new grain of sand in the world of fashion. So what is the connection?

No connection and at the same time everything is there! Everything delights us, Everything inspires us. Everything that is joy makes our daily lives more beautiful. To Mathilde, the stylist and half of the Atelier 312 pair, to me, Sabine, the other half of the pair.
By embarking on the crazy entrepreneurial adventure of Atelier 312, we wanted to create beautiful clothes with beautiful details, perfect finishes, a suitable cut and absolute comfort, quite simply so that the lives of women with shapes are more easier and prettier...In fact it wasn't that crazy, our adventure! The purchases and loyalty of our customers, their little words of satisfaction and encouragement have proven to us that we were right. Want to know more about our purpose? It's all in our manifesto !

Hearts up!

Sabine, co-creator of Atelier 312

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