Une belle journée

A beautiful day

Shine, be yourself, multifaceted according to your desire, your mood and the moment of your life.
Explore, discover, experience, laugh, smile at life.
Go forward, slow down, stop, contemplate, sometimes step back, and start again, always moving forward. Learn, evolve.

Believe in yourself, whatever the situation. Have confidence in your family, in your friends, in your clothes. Whatever its size.
Loving beautiful materials, pretty cuts, the beauty of simplicity. Knowing that fashion is your ally, your comfort blanket, both protective and revealing.

Enjoy the little moments, savor the big moments. Follow your little flame. Love life. Quite simply.

Good day to all women, but also to all men. Because do we really need a Women's Day to celebrate it? May this day of March 8 be beautiful, as well as all the others!

Sabine, creator of Atelier 312 .
Atelier 312, stylish pieces with a perfect cut, which enhance the shapes of women from 42 to 52.
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