Toutes les femmes ont le droit de se marier en robe blanche

All women have the right to marry in a white dress

Breaking News!
Collaboration Pronovias , the Spanish wedding dress brand X Ashley Graham , the body positive passionaria and “plus size” fashion.
Finally wedding dresses for all women and all body types!

It's not so much the plus-size wedding dresses that are the big news – they already existed but were well hidden – as their celebration.
And yes, all women have the right to get married in a white dress.

I remember trying on a wedding dress at Max Chaoul, a popular designer around twenty years ago, for fun, because one of my friends worked there. The laces of the size 38 corset happily cut into my 44 (there was nothing on the shelves for me), but I laughed out loud.

I remember that one of my friends chose her wedding dress from Pronovias. At the time I accompanied her and had already told myself that none of the models proposed could suit my body shape, my curves, my size. However, I now see that their models exist until the 60s. I don't know if that was already the case in 2008, maybe yes, but in any case, shush! We didn't really talk about it and I imagine there weren't any in stock!
Above all, I remember that the saleswoman tried to resell her a dress that she didn't like and that didn't suit her, she who had a fine knowledge of what she wanted and what suited her. And when she finally ended up identifying the dress of her dreams, the saleswoman tried to sell her a size that was not hers, certainly in order to sell off her stock...
In short, I had thought that advice was key, whatever its size and shape. That support and reassurance too. And what was important was not just to “enlarge” the models, but to design them starting from the woman's body with all its curves and specificities.

What is key? The role of the cut, the cuts, the details, the material, the tips.
Thus the models of this unique collaboration include shaping elements according to the press release. The first photos revealed show a model just as beautifully carried by a vine and by a more busty woman. In short, a wedding dress for all women. Opportunism some might say? I answer “taking reality into account”. Not necessarily the wedding dress of my dreams, but I would have liked to have had access to it, and I'm sure I could have found a dress to my liking in the capsule of 16 models.

Mathilde once told me that she would design my wedding dress. Yes, but here it is, I had a civil marriage in a very small group, and life and timing meant that she was not able to create it for me. However, I wore one of his creations, since I got married in black pants and an ecru Rome blouse from the Atelier 312 collection, here worn by our very pretty model Alexandra.

A beautifully revealed back in French graphic lace. A cut in which I was comfortable holding the hand of my husband, my bouquet and my baby and gesticulating to greet my friends! A model in which I was simply me*, and that was the most important!
And that's the message I want to send with Atelier 312. Fashion should allow you to be yourself and feel good whatever your size!

*I'm not in the habit of showing off, but here I am in a Rome blouse, just after the wedding, perfectly imperfect (the photo is obviously not retouched) and happy!

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