« Taille zero pointée »

“Pointed zero size”

“Pointed zero size” to use the title of the ELLE France post-fashion week editorial.

In this well-balanced article, Véronique Philipponnat, director of ELLE France, sounds the alarm about the return of ghostly silhouettes on the catwalks of the last Parisian fashion week. So would this famous world after just be a flashback to the world before?
Forgotten body positivity, inclusion or inclusiveness, diversity? Forgotten fine speeches and ethics? Forgotten our silhouettes +5 kilos post-confinement?
In reality, Man cannot change with the snap of a virtuous finger and we must not underestimate his resistance to change - whatever the sector - aided in this by the inertia and judgment of society. Certainly, we have previously seen models of all origins, all colors, all builds, all genders, all sexual orientations,… or almost, flourishing on the catwalks, in the pages of magazines, and on brand websites.
My comments are deliberately caricatured, because it is clear that some have jumped into the body-positive wave with such “fake” enthusiasm that it borders on washing. But we cannot ask a liner to turn tack immediately.
What is important is the trend. And there she is!

What I would like to take away from the viral shock of 2020 on our lives is that there is room for all body shapes and sizes.
I would like to remember that there is room for sincere and serious actors who dress all these women and make them smile again.
These are actors - brands or people - whose objective is not only to ride the trend to increase their turnover but who work to restore the desire and pleasure of dressing to these women. Because being comfortable in your clothes helps you feel good in your sneakers.
These are brands that are demanding of themselves in terms of cuts, fabrics and finishes. Because even women who are a size 42 or more (large sizes starting at 42 in France) want beautiful cuts, beautiful fabrics and impeccable finishes.
So yes ! The catwalks have an immense responsibility in this diversity, just like the brands that dare to take the plunge, as well as all the players in the chain, from the button manufacturer, to the magazines and media that have the power - and the duty? - to highlight these voluntary and daring brands. To the wise...

SIZE ON THE ROCKS, This is the column without filter or makeup, dedicated to plus size fashion, but not only that.
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Sabine Roukas,
co-founder of Atelier 312 Paris. Minimalist fashion from 42.

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