L'expertise d'une coupe

The expertise of a cut

“It’s easy to make plus-size clothes, you just need to make the patterns bigger.”

Shortcut understandable at first glance but simplistic.

Enlarge, yes, but in what direction, width? length ? width and length ?
It depends on the model you have imagined, with a fitted or looser look. It also depends on the fabric, its flexibility and elasticity, and therefore its composition but also the weaving.
In short, you will have understood it, yes! you can simply enlarge a pattern, but you won't get anything good out of it.

Creating clothing is not just about having imagination and taste. There is real expertise behind it and real rigor. In reality, you have to think about the model – and therefore the pattern – according to the woman for whom it is intended. This is true for curvy women, but we can also apply this logic to smaller or taller women. It is not for nothing that certain brands create “small” or “large” ranges. Coming back to curvy women - and I'm not talking about size - but the simple fact of having curves -: it is essential that the model is designed according to the woman who will wear it. We have all experienced, whatever our size, those blouses that gaped at the chest or that button that completely popped off, quite simply because there weren't enough buttons!

Our bias from the start was not to adapt existing models for large sizes, but to think about them, create them, test them with women who are different sizes. On the one hand because we wanted to create this timeless but nevertheless very contemporary style specific to Atelier 312 pieces, and on the other hand to make no compromise on the fit, that is to say the way the garment fits on the body and comfort. Our cuts are designed to adapt to your body and not the other way around!

Nothing pleases us more than seeing two clients of different sizes and shapes appreciate, for example, “the neckline that falls perfectly, elegant and feminine”, while they have often been confronted with necklines that gape too much.
The icing on the cake ? When customers in size 40 fall in love with our blouses, and wear them (even though they start at 42!), because they like the refined style, the cut is just right, the fabrics and details are pretty.

This shows how key cutting expertise is!

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