Les grandes tailles ont aussi le droit à de la slow fashion avec Atelier 312

Large sizes also have the right to slow fashion with Atelier 312

Beautiful, timeless, durable pieces of impeccable quality! Because women with curves are also entitled to “slow fashion”!

Flashback: I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Maeva, on her Curve Podcast to talk about plus-size fashion without complexes and the right of women to find beautiful, quality pieces!

A real pleasure to talk with her, to share anecdotes about plus size fashion, the rather disastrous shopping experience, the clichés, all those little things that made me one day throw myself into the bath of entrepreneurship to create Atelier 312 Paris to enhance women by offering them a chic and timeless minimalist style, of impeccable quality, from 42 to 52.

Listen to https://bit.ly/3hch6r1

We talked about sustainable fashion, quality fashion, talismanic clothing, entrepreneurship of course, and above all kindness!
Many thanks Maeva!
Sabine, founder of ATELIER 312

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