Les femmes de ma vie

The women in my life

March 8, 2021

Women's Day, Women's Day, Women's Rights Day.
I don't know what the right terminology is anymore, but really it doesn't matter.

For me, March 8 is first of all the birthday of O., my cousin and godmother of my son. A wonderful woman. A role model for me but also for future generations. She is bright, beautiful and funny. She built her career by taking risks, creating her positions, seizing the opportunities offered by digital at a time when everything had to be built. As a result, she is at the top in her job and above all, she is having a blast! I also admire her on a personal level, because she knows how to dress and look good. She knows what suits her and what doesn't. And this is important, whatever your size (I think of this, because I am obsessed with revealing to women that you can look good in your clothes whatever your weight. All you need to do is to know...and some well-designed and well-cut pieces, a little advert for Atelier 312 Paris, the brand that I created with M, so that women 42 and over also have access to minimalist fashion, with effortless chic , well cut.

Let's talk about M, my friend and associate, so dedicated to her profession, an iron fist in a velvet glove, so cultured, so jack of all trades. So funny too! Which tempers my enthusiasm when I fall for a sublime but overpriced fabric, but which at the same time finds affordable and equally high-quality fabrics, to enhance women. She is at the origin of the cuts that are forgotten to allow us to be us, and even a better version of us.

I think of I. my sister at heart, who relieves me of guilt for wanting to work hard while having created a little being. And who whips me without complacency when sometimes I indulge in a few complaints.

I think of D., caring, who thinks it's very good to prioritize her personal life, but who gives her all to her job. She has a totally offbeat sense of humor.

I think of A. caustic and brilliant. A H. extremely funny, bobo, with a sharp style.
A L. saleswoman with whom I would not like to negotiate, a Tatcher of the negotiation, but endowed with extreme empathy. To C. Tatcher of the bis negotiator, ubiquitous internship companion. She always responds!
To A. who saves lives and accompanied me in a perilous personal undertaking. To my mother who has been with me for 45 years and 9 months, whether I am up or down. To my grandmother, formidable, prisoner of her time.
A A. ​​highly ethical in his profession, who accepts wanting to prioritize his children and does everything at home, while dedicating himself to his profession with passion.
A M., brilliant, married to a brilliant man with no practical sense; she is also hilarious when she says that she has to have the boiler repaired while advising companies on their future strategy.
To C. who set up her company and thought she had fallen down before coming back up when in reality she was leading the way.
To S. and M. who invent their jobs every day and regularly kick in my anthill.
To M., M., A., C., G., L., …I'm lucky that the list is long, and I could spend the evening there.

To all of you, my friends, my family, my colleagues, bosses, interns, who have become friends, to these women in my network whom I look forward to getting to know better.

You women, as Julio Iglesias would say.

To all the women I am lucky enough to know and work with. With positions of responsibility or not. With positions of social significance or not. With children or not. Never mind !

I realize that what characterizes these women is both intellectual intelligence, emotional intelligence, an extreme sense of humor, often self-deprecating, always resilience. And the meaning of “sisterhood”.

To you, the women of my life!

Hearts up


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