The power of clothing on self-confidence

There are several ways to have self-confidence, or to regain self-confidence.

There is not a single solution, or a miracle recipe, it is a sum of small things, resources – internal or external, and time too.

One of them is Clothing and the way we dress.

It's not a question of fashion, nor a question of size, even less a question of style, because everyone has their own.

It's more subtle than that. It is the fact of having confidence in this garment that we are ready to put on to tackle the day, the evening, an event, a moment in our life. Whether light, happy, serious or important.

It's the fact of not having to waste time, to think, to look for what to wear. It's the fact of being able to put on this garment with your eyes closed and say to yourself, here I am good, here I am me, here I am at the maximum of my abilities.

It's knowing that clothing will not hinder us, but on the contrary release all our good vibes. Liberated, delivered, as the other would say. I deliberately write in the masculine form, because this applies to both women and men. Note that this concerns everyone, regardless of size, but even more so people looking for “large size clothing”, according to the accepted but not very happy expression of the textile industry.

But we can only have confidence in this garment if it ticks several criteria. A cut designed for the real, moving body – and not a coat rack, as it is true that it is the garment that adapts to the body and not the other way around; a material that is pleasant to wear, which means pleasant to wear at first glance, during the day… and throughout life; a garment that is easy to maintain, because life is too short to impose additional chores on yourself; quality, ease, durability.

It's the act of putting on this item of clothing and spontaneously smiling. We are ready to face everything, and ready to enjoy life! In these moments, I tell myself that the world is my garden. And it is so that the world is the garden of all women, whatever their size, that I founded Atelier 312.

Sabine, co-founder of Atelier 312

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