Essentiels intemporels

Timeless essentials

“Create for you clothes with beautiful, refined lines, without unnecessary frills, with just a small detail that makes the difference”

This is what drives us, Mathilde & Sabine, the creators of Atelier 312.

We create pieces anchored in modernity. Always with a little detail that adds a little twist, whether it's a button, or a ribbon, or a set of materials combining for example matte & satin.
Pieces destined to last over time both through their timeless style and their quality.
It doesn't matter the size, it doesn't matter if it's called plus size, it doesn't matter the body type.
We have designed pieces that make you beautiful.
Essential pieces that will, we hope, become your Essentials!

Beautiful day !

Sabine & Mathilde, creators of Atelier 312

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