Beautiful odyssey

“ATELIER 312 is first and foremost the story of two long-time friends, chatting in a Parisian café.

Sabine: “I don’t have a formal outfit for the Saturday evening…”.
Mathilde: “Listen, no need for evening wear…, do you have a pretty blouse in your closet? Pants or a skirt, pretty heels and accessories, and presto! a chic and sober style, and that’s it! »

But after a thorough search of her dressing room, the observation was clear for Sabine: no stylish, well-cut blouse in size 46. Surprise added to disappointment when she realized that it was impossible to find this object of desire in Parisian boutiques. Sabine's story is that of many women: all women who are not a size 36.

If Sabine had a pleasant evening despite this, the two friends were determined not to stop there and on the occasion of another event, Mathilde, which - that's good! is a stylist -, created a tailor-made blouse for her.
Not only did Sabine feel wonderful in this perfectly cut piece, but she received so many compliments every time she wore it that they decided to launch their workshop.
With the desire to offer high-quality essential pieces to all women from size 42. With an ideal blouse in mind and high standards: style, cut, fit, finishes, material...nothing has been left to chance . »

This story that you can read in our manifesto is indeed real. Behind “ATELIER 312” is not a big company that is opportunistically riding the Grande Taille wave by launching a brand, but a very small team. Just the two of us, Mathilde, stylist, but not only that! and Sabine, a sort of Swiss army knife for all purposes.

Launching a brand is an adventure. Launching YOUR own brand is quite an adventure! Launching your so-called “Plus Size” brand…it’s a journey and a challenge, as there are so many pitfalls and killjoys! We encountered a lot of killjoys. Individuals, acquaintances or even professionals, who wonder what the point of creating for curvy women is, “but for what purpose? » or even “they still manage to dress themselves” - no comment! And how are we going to get there “eh? together ? », “but technically large patronage is complicated” etc.…etc. - yes yes yes! All this is complex, long-term work, unfailing passion, but we're getting there! This tells you how much we believe in the purpose of ATELIER 312!

We composed ATELIER 312 together to accompany and enhance women's curves. We made sure to cross paths with other people, those who believe in us and in ATELIER 312, those who like us believe that the pleasure of dressing and style do not depend on size. We have created our work and life ecosystem. We have been surrounded by wonderful personalities and partners since the start of our adventure, such as, for example, a talented model maker, suppliers of beautiful materials, expert makers, but also a talented photographer, women who try our prototypes to give us their feelings, and so many others to whom we say thank you for accompanying us on this odyssey.

Thus, in this caring, respectful and dynamic ecosystem, we can bring to life our creations which will highlight you.
Hearts up!

Sabine & Mathilde, creators of ATELIER 312!

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