Barbie Power


Barbie at the movies! It's today !
And at over 60 years old, Barbie hasn't aged a bit: still as slender, blonde and tall...
So yes, over the years, more inclusive Barbies have appeared. But these barbies remain "rare" compared to the "standard" barbie who has an unattainable physique (tested: she can't really stand up :-))
But no, there is not Barbie's physique on one side and the rest of women on the other. You can be tall or short, muscular or not, brunette or blonde, thin or fat, black or white: all bodies are in nature and all have value.

I grew up with several Barbies. And as a child, I did not perceive this lack of inclusiveness, because I am white (or rather beige as my 5 year old son would say :-) the concern for the exact pantone) but also because I was immersed in a melting pot cultural since always and that otherness is an obvious wealth.
As an adult, I perceived and understood that there was still a lot to do and on several subjects. One of them is CLOTHING.

This is why we created Atelier 312 and chose to manufacture pieces from size 42 and above: so that so-called “plus size” women can also be represented in the fashion industry. That they enjoy dressing regardless of their size and that they have confidence in themselves.

And if we had to keep a positive message conveyed by Barbie, it would be to lead your life as you want, by daring, by trusting yourself, and by being yourself. Because life is too short to be small!

Sabine, co-founder of Atelier 312
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