A très bientôt !

See you soon !

These words are for you, our dear customers, but also for those who spoil the women around them, those who discover us. Everyone who knows that style does not depend on size.

We created Atelier 312 with the desire to dress women with beautiful, contemporary and timeless fashion beyond size 42. You followed us with enthusiasm in this adventure and we thank you for it.

The chances of life have led us on new paths, and with them, the serene decision of a parenthesis in the beautiful adventure Atelier 312.
We have enthusiastically embraced the small and large joys, and face with optimism all new challenges, personal and professional. Among them, the current dizzying whirlwind that our world is experiencing.
These events have reinforced our choice to take a break and temporarily close the e-shop, for the well-being of our small team, our families and our loved ones.

Take the time to refocus on what is important to us and especially to you.
More than ever, we reaffirm our desire to take care of you, by creating fashion pieces with perfect fit and quality for you.
Rooms in which you can be yourself, rooms full of style, with pure lines, pieces that go to the essentials.
We believe more than ever in slow fashion and “less is more”…. “less but better”.
Beautiful and durable pieces, of impeccable quality.
Essential and timeless pieces that accompany you every day and for a long time. The right basics for all occasions.

For all these reasons, we decide to take the time.
In order to write the continuation of the Atelier 312 adventure. In order to evolve and grow with you, in an even more ethical and responsible way.
To weave the breadcrumbs together and shape Atelier 312 even more in your image.

Let's keep the link! You have an idea ? A desire? A clothing dream? Share them with us by writing to us at hello@atelier312.com . Of course, we will answer you and study your dream pieces together.
Want to share a fashion story? To ask for style advice? We will be there too, listening to you.
Looking for one of our iconic pieces that you didn't have time to order? Hop, a quick email and we will do our best to satisfy you.

And of course, we stay in touch via the blog , newsletters and social networks.
Entrepreneurship is a strange life in the form of a loop and a long river that is not at all peaceful, and taken by this roller coaster, we had put the blog aside a little. Yet it is necessary.
This unprecedented period in our world has also reminded us that we like to write for you, with all kindness, and that we must dedicate more time to it... To put words on plus size fashion, on the little ailments and complexes that we have all, the questions of fashion, the hidden face of entrepreneurship, questioning yourself too, collecting your impressions and your desires, because our commitment remains as strong and our mission is always to make you beautiful; finally and above all, to laugh and bring good humor into our lives!

Take care of yourself and those around you.
And while we wait for our reunion, take heart! Be free to be you and live your dream life.

See you soon !

Sabine & Mathilde
Founders of Atelier 312

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